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The first and last page of a letter from Howard Carter to his mother Martha Carter, detailing his excursion to Cyprus with Colonel Griffith and his stay in the Troodos Mountain range from September 12th-October 6th,1905.

A screenshot of the timeline made using TimelineJS.

Voyant Mandala.png
The Voyant Mandala visualization of our "Ads - 1900-1939 ALL" content set.

Voyant Word Cloud.png
The word frequency visualization built using Voyant to analyze the "Ads - 1900-1939 ALL" content set.

Video of Egyptomania through Advertisements.mp4
A video presentation made by the Egyptomania group discussing the project, data, and results.

Work Log - Sheets C.pdf
The work log written by Christina for this project.

An article entitled "Famous Egyptologist's Mystery Illness," which details the sickness of Herbert Winlock and its possible connection to the curse.

An article entitled "Psychist Defines 'Curse' of Pharaoh," offering the scholarly opinion of Dr. Roberts Assaglioli on psycho-synthesis and the curse.

An article entitled, "No 'Curse' of Pharaohs," which details why a curse is purely superstition.

Carter Dies.png
An article entitled " Carter, Hero of Pharaoh Tomb, Dies," describing Howard Carter's death, as well as detailing his life's work.

A screenshot of the main transcription page within Transkribus, opened to a typical page of Hall's diary.

An example HTR model in Transkribus, the "Transkribus English Handwriting M2."

An article entitled "Boy Killed by Hearse: Curse of Tutankhamen," which relates the events of Westbury's death and the death of a young boy at his funeral procession.

An article entitled "Carter Laughs at Egypt Curse; off for Desert," indicating Egyptologists' public rhetoric regarding the supposed curse.

A word cloud visualization of terms used in from the 1910s-1940s related to the Curse. Created in Lexos (

A word cloud visualization of terms used in the 1930s related to the Curse. Created in Lexos (

A word cloud visualization of terms used in the 1920s related to the Curse. Created in Lexos (

[NEAR E 485] EGYPTOMANIA DH Project_ Cindy Lim's Work Logs.pdf
Personal Reflection and tracking work flow

Document Clustering-Topics Highlighted.png
Document Clustering analysis from the Gale Digital Scholar Lab with the determined topics indicated using colored rectangles.

Document Clustering-8 Clusters.png
Document Clustering analysis screenshot from Gale Digital Scholar Lab of the "Ads - 1900-1939 [ALL]" content set.
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