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Capstone Team

Jane Kern Jane’s role is to work with the Omeka platform, including assisting with metadata and in the creation of a standardized keyword list. She is focused on user experience and the integration of the Times archive and Carter letters into one productive database.

Sarah Patafio Sarah’s role is to create two timelines, one using The Times of London newspaper articles and a second using the transcriptions of Carter’s letters, to create a visual history.

Trevor Dorn Trevor’s role is to assist in the construction and maintenance of a functional taxonomy as well as a useful database. Trevor will also be assisting in the creation and curation of metadata and standards for the documents ingested to the project.

Erika Bojnowski Erika’s role is to apply research and archival processes to the transcription, arrangement, and organization of a collection of Howard Carter’s handwritten letters, memoir pages, and personnel files gifted from a private collector. Erika also prepared these primary sources for use in the database through the creation of metadata, contextual materials, as well as through collaboration on the taxonomy and timeline.

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