Behind the Scenes of Watergate

About the Watergate Scandal

The Watergate: Declassified documents are government records of the ongoing FBI investigation of the Watergate Scandal. This scandal first occurred on June 17, 1972, by intruders connected to President Richard Nixon's campaign staff. These intruders broke into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, resulting in their arrest and a subsequent investigation by the FBI and Congress. Because of the connection to President Richard Nixon, he attempted to cover up his involvement but was not able to successfully do so, leading to his resignation in 1974.

Research and Analysis

To investigate the Watergate declassified documents, the following questions were made:

  • What were the sentiments about the scandal during the investigation and how did they develop?
  • What were the main events occurring throughout the Watergate scandal?

  • What or who were the key figures involved in the scandal?