About page

As a group, we established our goals and talked about our values early on. Here are our Project One Pager and our Project Charter. Both documents are designed to help us create the most effective project possible. Please feel free to take a look. 

Irani Work Logs.pdf

Team Bios


Hi! My name is Kashmira. I am a senior psychology major, minoring in data science and informatics. Within this project, I functioned as Data Specialist. I aided in cleaning and refining the data, as well as creating some visualizations. My work logs are attached. Enjoy! 

Work log collection.pdf

Anna Voloshina

I am a senior majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health, with a minor in informatics. As the content specialist for this project my responsibilities included overseeing the website's development and ensuring seamless integration between the data visualizations, maps, and written content. Also, I created the "Introduction" page which provides historical background on the women's suffragette movement, and oversaw the "About" page. Through my contributions, I ensured the accuracy and effectiveness of the project's purpose and objectives in communicating with its intended audience.


INFO 498 Compiled Work Logs.pdf

Michelle Cao

My name is Michelle, I'm a junior majoring in Informatics. My designated role for this project was the web specialist. As the web specialist, I was responsible for overlooking the structure and design aspects of our exhibit. Attached are my compiled work logs.

Work Log 1.pdf.pdf

Sarah Heo

Hi! My name is Sarah Heo and I am a senior studying English Creative Writing and Informatics. For this project I mainly focused on the criminalization of suffragettes as well as the negative connotations of their actions and movements. Attached are my worklogs :)